Ankylosing Spondylitis-related Websites
Spondylitis Associaiton of America: The largest non-profit organization in the US dedicating all of its resources to fighting AS. The site contains invaluable information for spondylitis patients and their families. There you will find ways to support AS research, information on becoming an AS advocate, and a forum where you can ask and receive advice on AS-related issues.

ASAP on Facebook: This is the active online arm of ASAP, a spondylitis advocacy group working together online to raise awareness. Here you will find other AS advocates seeking to raise awareness, AS-relevant discussions, and an open discussion for new ideas to support the AS cause.

Spondyville: Spondyville is an online support group for spondylitis patients. It is organized around the theme of an imaginary town where everyone has AS. It combines good information and support with good humor. There is a forum, and a weekly online chat session where AS patients can receive support.

SPARTAN: The spondylorathritis research and training network is a site for medical professionals dedicated to AS research, awareness, and training. Here you will find information about who is conducting AS research in the United States, an informational slide set for professionals, and contact information about their annual meeting.

ASAS: This is an international organization focused on stimulating translational and clinical research into AS.

CASP: The coalition of ankylosing spondylitis patients is a UK-based AS advocacy organization.

NIH AS Information: A link to information about ankyloisng spondylitis in the National Library of Medicine at the NIH.

Pubmed: Find the latest spondylitis research abstracts here.

AS answers: A site where spondylitis patients can ask questions and learn from others' experiences.The feeding edge

The Feeding Edge: Jenna's blog about AS awareness, healthy living, apples, and art!

Kelly's Blog: ASAP founder Kelly has started a blog, please check it out!